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Ball Pen Making Machine for Home Based Small Business

How to start a Home Based Small Business with Ball Pen making Machines?
Ball Pen Making business is very good option for making handsome money at home. Here I have tried to provide important tips and explained some fundamentals on Ball Pen Making Business.

Demand and Market:
The demand of Ball pens is found all throughout the year and is increasing day by day. Pen is very essential equipment for students and also for common people.

Why Ball Pen Making Business is better option for small business?
Anyone can start Ball Pen Making business with a very small investment. To start this business you need to invest of approximately Rs. 20,000 to 25,000. Women can also run this business at home. You may try to avail bank loan in case you don’t have sufficient money to start this business.
First of all it needs machines to start Ball Pen Making business. You have to buy four machines together for making Ball Pens. These four machinery are available in on package.

Where to Buy Ball Pen Making Machines?
You may buy these machinery in the market of Ganesh Chandra Avenue in Kolkata.

How to Make Ball Pens with Ball Pen Making machine?
At first you have to fit the adopter machines with barrel. You need Adopter fitting machine to do it. As mush pens you want to make fit that much adopter with pens. By this process you can boost the speed of the work.
Now fill ink with Ink Filling Machine. Then you have to fit the tip or nozzle with Tip Fitting Machine. Now rotate the pens with Centrifuge Machine for one minute.
If you want to print your company name on produces pens you have to buy a Printing Machine also.

How to Promote the Produces Ball Pens?
You have to visit all stationery shops, book stalls in your area. You may also visit schools, colleges and may promote your products among the students. There may be some small stalls or vendors on footpaths of your area. You may visit those stalls and vendors for marketing your products. You may also contact the hawkers who sell small products in trains and buses. 

Later, you may extend the Ball Pen Making business according to condition or improvement of your business. In that case you may need Automatic Ball Pen Making Machines.

Price of Ball Pen Making Machines:
The price of Ball Pen Making machines cost approximately Rs. 15,000. Many machine sellers provide necessary training and raw materials.

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