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Mini Book Binding Machine for set up a Small Business from Home

Mini Book Binding Machine is a good option for set up a small business at home.

Demand and Market of the Business:
With this Mini Book Binding Machine, you easily can start a small business at home. With this machine you can bind exercise books, books, cash memo book etc.there is a good demand of various exercise books, practical exercise book of science etc. throughout the year. With this machine, you can bind exercise books and books and can supply orders to the market or schools.

How to bind books or exercise books with Mini Book Binding Machine:
At first you have to buy rim of paper from market. You can buy it from the market of Bhaithakkhana Bazar in Kolkata. Then you have to cut these in indicated size with paper cutting machine. You can buy cover paper of various types and colours.
Now set the paper in the machine and operate it.
It needs 2 hp motor to operate the paper cutting machine and 3 hp motor and 220 volt to operate semi automatic Mini Book Binding Machine.

Price of the Mini Book Binding Machine:
The price of the Mini Book Binding Machine is approximately Rs.75000 and the price of the Paper Cutting Machine is approximately Rs.80000.

Where to buy the Mini Book Binding Machine:
Bharat Machine Tools Industries,
61, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,
Phone No. 22368015

You can find many companies manufacturing a wide range of Mini Book Binding Machine. Their machine matches high technology electronic control.

To read the reviews and buy the Mini Book Binding Machine visit websites

Perfect Book Binder Machine Single Clamp

                                                                                                                                                                        29th August, 2012, KK  

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