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Cake Making Machine for set up a Small Business

Cake Making Machine is a good idea to set up a Small Business at home.

Demand and Market of Cake:
There is a good demand of cake in various occasions and festivals all throughout the year, basically the demand increases in Christmas day and in English New Year. With this Cake Making Machine you can make various cakes and after packing it you can sell it in the market or supply orders.

How to make cake with Cake Making Machine:
To make cake you need a Whisker Machine / Mixer Machine and a big woven. The materials you need are-sugar, flour, ghee, eggs, baking powder, flavour, cashew-nut, currant, almond/nuts, cherry etc.
At first you have to whisk sugar, baking powder, flour, ghee, eggs in indicated quantity with Whisker Machine / Mixer Machine. Then you have to mix currant, almond, cashew-nuts with the mixture. Now pour the mixture in the dies of various sizes and shapes and put on the woven. Now your cake is ready. At last pack these and you can sell these in the market.
It needs 2 hp motor and 220 to 440 volt to operate the machine.

Price of the Cake Making Machine:
The price of the Cake Making Machine which can make upto 50 kg mixture is approximately Rs. 80,000 and the machine which can make 10 to 15 kg mixture is approximately Rs.30,000.
Price of the woven is approximately Rs. 2-3 lakh.

Where to buy the Cake Making Machine:
Bharat Machine Tools Industries,
61, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,
Phone No. 22368015

You can find many companies manufacturing a wide range of Cake Making Machine. Their machine matches high technology electronic control.

To read the reviews and buy the Cake Making Machine visit websites

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