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Honey Processing Machine for set up a Small Business

Honey Processing Machine is a good Small Business idea.

Demand and Market of Honey:
Honey is very helpful and tasteful food. The demand of honey is found all throughout the year. The demand increases in the winter season. With this Honey Processing Machine you can process honey and after packing it in bottles you can sell it in the market.

How to process honey with Honey Processing Machine:
Generally, there are two machines are needed for honey processing. The first one is Filter Press Machine and other one is Vacuum Evaporator Machine. At first you have to pour natural (unprocessed) honey in a clean steel pot. Then you have to filter the beeswax and dirt from honey with Filter Press Machine. Then you have to separate extra water-vapour from honey in indicated temperature with Vacuum Evaporator Machine. At last you have to put it in bottles.
It needs 1 hp motor for Filter Press Machine and ½ hp motor and 220 volt to operate the Vacuum Evaporator Machine.

Price of the Honey Processing Machine:
The price of the Filter Press Machine is approximately Rs. 1 lakh.
The price of the Vacuum Evaporator Machine is approximately Rs. 1 lakh 50 thousand.

Where to buy the Honey Processing Machine:
M/s Bhanco, 55,
Sarat Chandra Dhar Road,

You can find many companies manufacturing a wide range of Honey Processing Machine. Their machine matches high technology electronic control.

To read the reviews and buy the Honey Processing Machine visit websites

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