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Blouse Hook Making Machine for set up Small Business

Blouse Hook Making Machine:-

Demand and Market of Hooks (used while sewing dresses):
Copper or Iron Hooks are needed while sewing Blouse, Frocks, Churidar etc. dresses. With this Blouse Hook Making Machine you can make copper or iron hook and after packing it you may sell it in the market or may supply orders.

How to make blouse hooks with Hook Making Machine:
At first you have to buy copper or iron wire from market. It is available in the market of Barobazar and Maniktala in Kolkata. The price of the copper wire is approximately Rs.400 to Rs.500 per kg and the price of the iron wire is approximately Rs.65 to Rs.70 per kg. Then set the wire in the roller of the machine. Now start the machine and hooks will be made automatically. With this Shirt Hook Making Machine you can make 60 to 65 hooks per minute.
It needs ½ motor and 220 volts to operate the machine.

Price of the Blouse Hook Making Machine:
The price of the Shirt Hook Making Machine including motor is approximately Rs.1 lakh 50 thousands.

Where to buy the Blouse Hook Making Machine:
Bharat Machine Tools Industries,
61, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,

16 Oct 13 KK

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