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Automatic Staple Pin Making Machine for set up Small Business

Staple Pin Making Machine is a good option for Small Business. Anyone may set up a Small Business and can be self-dependent by investing a small amount. It is also a good opportunity to earn handsome money. 

Demand and Market of Staple Pins:
The usage of Stapler Pins is found in schools, colleges, offices and homes. The necessity or demand of Stapler Pins is in everywhere, in educational field or in official work. Stapler pins is very necessary thing in Office, School, Colleges, Court, Govt. and Non-Govt. institutions and also in our home. Stapler pins is used to pin up papers.
With the Staple Pin Making Machine you can make Stapler pin and can sell or supply orders in local market. After packing it you may sell it in the market or you may take orders from stationery stores in your locality and supply them as they require.

How to make Staple Pin with Automatic Stapler Pin Making Machine:
At first you have to buy copper or iron wire from the market. It is available in cheap price in the market of Barobazar in Kolkata. For copper wire, the price is approximately Rs.500 to 600 per kg and the price of the iron wire is approximately Rs.30 to 35 per kg. Now put the role of wire of the roller of the Staple Pin Making Machine and set the other end of the wire on the indicated place of the machine. Now start the Stapler Pin Making Machine and Stapler pins will be made automatically. You may use attachments of different sizes to make pins of different sizes. This Staple Pin Making Machine can make 20 to 25 pins at a time.
To operate the Staple Pin Making Machine you need 1 hp motor and 220 to 440 volts.

Price of the Automatic Staple Pin Making Machine:
The price of Stapler Pin Making Machine including motor is approximately Rs. 1 lakh and 20 thousand.

Where to buy the Automatic Staple Pin Making Machine:
You may afford the machine in the address given below-
Bharat Machine Tolls Industries,
61, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,

You can find many companies manufacturing a wide range of Staple Pin Making Machine. Their machine matches high technology electronic control.

To read the reviews and buy the Staple Pin Making Machine visit websites

31 Jan, KK

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