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Lamination Machine for set up a Small Business at Home Price and Manufacturer

Lamination Machine for set up a Small Business at Home

Demand and Market:
Lamination is a very good home based small business idea. You may use it in you shop also. Lamination Machine is very necessary to make your necessary and important papers or photos well-protected. With the Lamination Machine you can laminate papers such as Ration card, Photos, Certificates, Mark sheets, Identity Cards, Maps etc.

How to laminate papers with Lamination Machine:
At first you have to buy plastic role from market. It is also known as Poly-plastic. Plastic role is available in cheap price in the market of Barobazar and Baithakkhana in Kolkata. The price of the plastic role is approximately Rs.100 to Rs.125 per kg.
Now cut the plastic in indicated size according to the size of paper or photo you want to laminate. Then enter the paper (with plastic paper) into the machine. Now start the Lamination Machine and your paper will come out being laminated automatically.
It needs 220 volts to operate the automatic Lamination Machine.

Price of the Lamination Machine:
The price of the Lamination Machine depends on its size. The price of the small Lamination Machine is approximately Rs.4000 to 5000 and the price of the large Lamination Machine is approximately Rs.40000 to Rs.50000.

Where to buy the Lamination Machine:
Bharat Machine Tools Industries,
61, Ganesh Chandra Avenue,

21 March, 14 KK

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